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Articles About

Articles About

Australia’s Music-Themes of a new Society

Roger Covell, Lybrebird Press 2016 (2nd Edition)

Aspects of the Postmodern Condition in Southern Cross, Double Concerto:A Work by Barry Conyngham

Linda Ioanna Kouvaras Published by University of Melbourne, 1991 184 pages

The Soundscapes of AustraliaMusic, Place and Spirituality

Edited by Fiona Richards, The Open University, UK April 2007 234 x 156 mm 352 pages

Imagery and Music in the String Concertos of Barry Conyngham

Patricia ShawPublished by University of Melbourne, 1993 376 pages

New Classical MusicComposing Australia Gordon Kerry, Published by UNSW PRESS MARCH 2009 232 pages includes CD ISBN 978 086840 983 2Dewy Number 780.994

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