Concerto for Harp and Small Orchestra

CLOUDLINES 2 (1991-Revised 2009)

Premiered in 1991 as CLOUDLINES  for Harp  and full symphony orchestra, this work was commissioned by the Australian Youth Orchestra for international Australian harpist Alice Giles to perform on its North and South American tour. This small orchestra version was created after the First Gulf War caused the AYO tour orchestra to be reduced just to senior players.

Responding to Giles’ willingness to explore the extended range of sounds possible on the harp this piece is full of innovative and strange sounds. Moreover 15 strings of the instrument are retuned to enable a melodic and harmonic pallet not normally possible on the pedal harp.

At its first performance the piece was described as “impressionistic” …”even recalling Debussy’s Nuages (Clouds) in its delicate, leisurely shifts of colour and outline”.

The work is in two movements played without break and is about 20 minutes in duration.

In December 2009 a revised version was performed in Melbourne Australia by The Arcko Symphonic Project-director Timothy Phillips and featuring Jessica Fotinos as soloist. This is an extract from that performance.

© Barry Conyngham 2015